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Consignment Tack, Equipment & Clothing for Horse and Rider


Our purpose at The Tack Collector is to provide an easy solution to both buy and sell reasonably priced tack, equipment and clothing. Consignors avoid the hassles of selling privately through local barns, garage sales or online (i.e. kijiji); for a minimal fee we provide the location and expertise to sell it for you. Purchasers at The Tack Collector will find treasures and great deals under one roof. Typically items are 50% less than purchasing new - everyday!! No need to wait for Special Sale Days!


Alberta Bits Magazine Article (March 2016)



All items: Are sold As-Is with No Warranty.


Items are thoroughly checked and any defects are listed. Additionally, Saddles are safety checked prior to being consigned as well as prior to leaving and on return of each 7 day trial period.


All Sales Are Final Sale. Exceptions at the discretion of The Tack Collector for Store Credit Only


7 Day Trial Available: With a Pre-Authorized Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Cash (Bills not Debit) for the total amount of the item(s) to be tried. Maximum $500 with Debit, 10% handling fee applies for item(s) returned. Item(s) are considered Sold upon close of the Trial Date, we do not contact you to confirm. Extensions are available with notice prior to the end of the 7 days. A Saddle Trial Agreement detailing the conditions of care throughout the trial period must also be completed. Shipping is available; purchaser is responsible for shipping costs and full insurance, for both direction



It is in the best interest of consignors, customers and The Tack Collector for items to be reasonably priced. Pricing is determined by several factors; the consignor, condition, brand and the relative, comparable prices in the online and local tack shop community. In our day-to-day lives, whether grocery, clothing or vehicle shopping, you will also find comparable products at vastly different prices. Whether it is saddles, stirrups, bridles, clothing, etc., the brand name plays a significant part in determining both the new (and then used) sale price. Some examples; Antares products are priced higher than Collegiatte, a Rambo blanket is more than a Schneider's, Ariat is more than Dublin, Stubben is more than Connemara,etc.


Some Pricing Examples (approximate$)

Tailored Sportsman Shirts New $150+ Used $40+under

Grand Prix ShowJackets New $375-500 Used $175+under

Other Show Jackets New $40-$200 Used $20-$100

Ariat Zip Field Boots New $350 Used $125-$250

Breeches New $40-$350 Used $10-$100+


Tag Discounts

Based on how long an item has been in on consignment for is what the discount will be. Discount Amounts are from 25%-80% off and are increased every 6 months to a Maximum of 36 months on consignment at which point those items will be donated. The upcoming items to be Donated July,2016 from the Clearance Area were consigned from January-June 30, 2013. Consignors wishing to pick up those items instead of donating must do so prior to June 30, 2016.