17 medium wide Don Rodrigo Le Parcours All Purpose, Burgundy Vinyl Saddle Cover Straighter dressage style flap. 2 Billet Guards. Long + narrow Front Blocks. Serial # 3190851


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Brand: Don Rodrigo

Size: 17MW

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Good condition with moderate wear, dry leather. Wear marks described as- Pommel: scratches; Twist: minor wear along the seams; Seat: scratches, gouges, dents; Cantle: gouges, scratches; Skirt; wear at the stirrup bars, discolored, scratches; Flaps: top flaps have wear from stirrup leathers, suede knee rolls scratched/rub marks, underside of the flaps dry, scuffed, billet dents, top of the sweat flaps dry, discolored, billet dents, underside of the sweat flaps very stained; Billets: very dry, minor wear; Panels: stains, scratches, lumpy; Gullet: scuffs, stains