16 medium wide Generic All Purpose, 0 Billet Guards. Narrow Front Blocks.


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Size: 16MW

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Fair condition with moderate wear. Wear marks described as- Pommel: scuffs, dents; Twist: dents, wear along the seams, scratches; Seat: scratches, scrapes, discolored, scuffs; Cantle: gouges, dents, scratches; Skirt: wear at the stirrup bars, wrinkles, scuffs; Flaps: wear from stirrup leathers, discolored, scuffs, scratches, underside of the flaps scuffed, billet dents, top of the sweat flaps have billet dents, scuffs, gouges at the front seams, underside of the sweat flaps wrinkled, scratches, sweat stains; Panels: scratches, scuffs; Gullet: scuffs, scratches