Tips For Finding The Right Saddle

Provide us with (by email, Facebook messenger, text or bring in with you) a conformation/side view photograph (like example below). Please share as much information as possible on:

  • The Horse: Age, breed, discipline, brands and type of saddles that did, and did not work well for the horse
  • The Rider : Saddle seat size(s), brands and type that did and did not work for the rider, length of the femur
  • Recommendations from Saddle Fitter, Trainer, etc

With this information we are able to narrow down the search of what may be suitable for you and your horse very quickly. We highly recommend taking saddle(s) on our 7 Day Trial to determine suitability for the horse and rider.  Saddle(s) can be ridden in but we have a very detailed Saddle Trial Agreement that must be completed before they leave the shop.

Regarding seat and tree measurements; there are so many variables we joke that it is like buying jeans at Costco, they do not necessarily fit the way they are stamped. With that in mind, in order to have some consistency within all the brands, ages and conditions of consigned saddles we measure in inches as follows;

Saddle Width: 2″ down from the top of the panel and 1″ in from the front (not including the thickness) of the panel and then across to the same spot on the other side. We do not use the dot-to-dot measurement as we have found the “dot” placements to be very inconsistent (not all saddles have them either) and are most often very high on the panel, in different spots from saddle to saddle and sunk into the panel, making it measure wider than it really is.

Seat Size: Diagonally from the middle of the ‘button’ on the side of the pommel to the middle of the cantle

Flap Length: From the Top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap.

Femur measurement: From Hip joint (side) to top of Knee joint (side)

**** Our location is not set up to have horses brought to our shop to try on saddles. If distance and time are an issue in your saddle search we recommend making arrangements at one of the many nearby stables to try on and test-ride the saddle(s) in a safe, horse-friendly environment. Please let us know if you would like suggestions 🙂 If you are stopping by with your horse trailer, please park in our back parking lot against the fence – Easy access to loop to/from 48th Street or 50th Street.