Saddle Fitting Tips

Key features when assessing the saddle fit to the horse’s back:

The Pommel of the saddle should have adequate clearance over the withers, and not be tight laterally which will pinch the withers. As a rough guide, with a seated rider there should be at least 2 fingers’ width vertical clearance between the horse’s wither and the underside of the pommel.

There should be no restriction of the horse’s shoulder blade when in movement. The points of the saddle should sit an inch or two behind the shoulder blade to allow for its rotation.

The gullet (channel) must maintain sufficient clearance above the horse’s spine, both vertically & horizontally, to ensure no contact with the vertebrae.

The panels must have even contact along the horses back; there should not be any areas with either no contact (bridging) or tightness. The saddle should also not sit past the last rib as the weight of the saddle and rider cannot be supported beyond this point and can cause discomfort.

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